Monday, November 6, 2017


Tuhoe Ahurei

Who is in your group? Hamiora and Shanikah
How did you commit with the work? The research and the text

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Creative writing

Creative writing
Hinemoa and tutanekai

7 years have gone past of the marriage of Hinemoa and Tutanekai.Within that 7 years of marriage they had  twins a daughter and a son named Hinerangi and Tururangi, being 5 years old  twins they were very cheeky and mysterious always close and loved each other just as the love there parents had for the both of their children.

On a sunny light windy afternoon the family went to lake Rotorua to celebrate the twins fifth birthday. The twins played happily together along the water edge dipping in and out of the water and building sand castles well Hinemoa and Tutanekai fished for trout for their dinner. Hinemoa looked at Tutanekai and said “the night is coming time to go home” she turned and walked away empty handed. Tutanekai yelled across the water to Hinemoa “Bring our children we are getting in the waka (boat) to watch this beautiful sunset. Hinemoa agreed. When the night skies came high wind pick up making the lake waters chipping and cold really fast. Tutanekai stay calm and try to row the waka towards land well Hinemoa had both twin in her arms asking her tupuna for guidance and light. Tururangi seen light shining through the dark froggie skies and  shouted “titiro papa I see the land” Tutanekai row towards land not knowing they will find  themselves on the part of the island they never knew existed,it was a like an underwater cave that looked so amazing but seem to feel like no one has been  there before. Hinerangi looked over her mama shoulder and said “look at all the fish mama” with a great big smile. Tutanekai whisper to Hinemoa “the night was just here and now the sun is up”.This magical place had light blue waters almost so when the sunlight kisses the calm waters it looks like a diamonds, trees were full with red apples, lemons and feijoas. The family settled down finding home within this land and spending many years and not looking back to Rotorua.

Tutanekai named the magical island Te Koha being a gift giving to his wife and children from his Tupuna. On the twin’s tenth birthday they were going to celebrate it on the shore of Te Koha.

Hinemoa woke Tururangi up “Happy fifth birthday son i can't wait to see what this year has in store for you and your sister”. “Come on son we are heading down to lake Rotorua your dad and sister are already there fishing for trout.

Water testing inquiry

Water testing

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Current events

          Current event
       Disney's moana coming in te reo

  1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article? Taika waititi                                                     
  2. what was the key event from this news article?                  Disney announcing that the famous moana will be translated into te reo and would be one of its first film to be translated into te reo                                                          
  3. where did this event take place?                               This event haves not taken place yet for they have auditions for people to voice over and must be fluent in te roe Maori and must be in Auckland in between June and July                            
  4. why did this event take place?                                  this event will be taking place because it will be showing that te roe has a place in the world and that us Maoris count 

Speed Writing

What a fantastic place the safari park is Why haven’t you been to visit There are mischievous monkeys, giant giraffes and crawling crocodiles. As for other animals the list is endless lions ,elephants, peacocks, pythons and so many more. There is something to watch all the time a monkey swinging from a climbing frame, a peacock catching food, a lion climbing a ladder. If you are interested in food a delicious menu is available with indoor and outdoor eating Are you still too busy to visit? Surely not The park      is open every day between 8am and 8pm So book a date now! The animals are expecting you?

Winston is one of the most laid-back people I know. He is tall and slim with black hair and he always wears a t-shirt and black jeans. His jeans have holes in them and his baseball boots are scruffy too, he usually sits at the back of the class and he often seems to be asleep however when the exam results are given out he always gets an "A" i don't think hes as lazy as he appears to be?